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Falconry bird Deterrent.

I am an experienced bird control specialist using Falconry to deter pigeons, gulls and other species of birds.


There are more than 110 pathogens reportedly carried by pigeons, diseases can be transmitted from bird droppings and the birds themselves. When the pigeon droppings dry if disturbed they can become airborne and cause respiratory problems. Pigeons also have the potential to carry food-borne diseases – it is therefore essential to keep them away from food manufacturers and distributors.


Where most people think of gulls as a coastal problem, they are becoming a massive problem in towns and city centres. Once a breeding site is chosen the gulls will usually return to the same spot every year. Eggs are laid in April & May, eggs hatch after around 30 days and only 10 weeks after that the chicks are ready to take their first flight.

Bird nests

Secondary insect infestations are highly common and associated with bird nests, this can include Bird mites, Ticks, Fleas, and Beetles. Therefore, if you have a current bird problem or old bird nests on buildings then you are at a very high risk of suffering from a parasite infestation to. Nesting materials that birds use can block chimneys, flues and guttering, causing possible issues with carbon monoxide and damage to buildings as water overflows from blocked gutters.

Bird fouling

All bird droppings can be slippery and can cause a serious risk on pavements, particularly under roosting birds. The faeces from the birds are rich in nutrients, which is an ideal feeding ground for microscopic parasites and diseases. The fouling is very acidic causing accelerated deterioration of stonework especially to old listed buildings and can even corrode metals over time. It may also cause damage to car paintwork if left unwashed on cars at your home or workplace.


Once the pest birds have been successfully discouraged from your property then it is important to make sure any proofing is done to prevent them from roosting at your property again. Spikes and wires can be applied to ledges and roosting areas and on a bigger scale bird netting can be applied to cover to whole area.

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