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Moth Control

Clothes moth

There are 2 kinds of clothes moths which are: The Case Bearing Clothes Moth and the Common Clothes Moth. The clothes moth will hide in dark areas such as collars and cuffs and they also thrive on humid conditions. Sometimes the larvae of these pests can be quite active and can be seen crawling on clothes or on the floor. Besides feeding on clothes, rugs, carpets, and household furniture, the clothes moth will also feed on fur, stored wool and other similar articles, as well as pollen, hair, feathers and dead insects.

Life cycle

EGG – Adult female moths can lay 100-400 eggs over their short life and these eggs are tiny, typically 0.5mm in length. The eggs hatch from between 4 and 10 days depending on temperature and humidity.

Larvae – The eggs hatch as larvae, which are typically a few millimetres long upon hatching but then grow to 1-1.5cm in length, dependent on availability of food (i.e. your natural woollen and silk clothing or carpets as examples!) and moisture to help their intake of water. They can stay at this stage for over 2 years until the conditions are right to turn in to adult moths, remember the larvae stage is the most destructive stage!

Cocoon – When the larvae have reached the required size and the temperature is right, they will spin a cocoon and start the pupation stage and after 8-10 days metamorphose into the adult moth.

Adult – The adult will emerge from the cocoon; on one hand the adults are harmless but on the other hand they can also start the life cycle all over again by laying eggs. The female moth will crawl around, and the male moth will fly a lot more in search for the female.

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