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Solar panel Pigeon Prevention Nailsea, Bristol

Solar panels on your roof are a great way of reducing the carbon footprint of your home but can also invite some unwanted pests on to your roof. If you are looking for solar panel pigeon prevention in Nailsea, Backwell, Clevedon & surrounding areas, give us a call today for a free quote.

Pigeons have found solar panels to be a very effective shelter to nest below, pigeon fouling is highly corrosive to the roof and electrical wiring below the panels and will lead to an increase in solar panel cleans.

Nesting materials may also slide down the roof in heavy down pours and cause blockages in your guttering and possible water in to your home. 

We can install a unique spiking system to the edges of the panels which will prevent any birds from gaining shelter below.

If you have an issue with Pigeons below your solar panels, please call: 07947 861855.